Xiaomi Xiaoda Instant Water Heater Faucet HD-JRSLT07

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  • 1. There is no need to change the pipeline, and through easy assembly, the ordinary faucet can be upgraded to an instant hot water faucet, which is ready to use and easy to use
  • 2. Using stainless steel heating tube heating method, not easy to rust and scale, long service life
  • 3. Just gently rotate the handle of the body, you can precisely control the water flow heating and cooling switch, and the hot and cold water can be switched freely
  • 4. 30-50 degrees Celsius water temperature can be adjusted, with the body LED temperature display, more convenient to use
  • 5. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no patina, durable

Xiaomi Xiaoda Instant Water Heater Faucet HD-JRSLT07

The Xiaomi Xiaoda Instant Faucet kitchen sink faucet has a fast water heating function. This is especially useful in case of an emergency shutdown of the hot water supply. The device will heat the stream of water in a matter of seconds, so you can comfortably wash dishes or use this water for cooking. In addition, you can independently regulate the water flow temperature. This is done by switching the lever, which is located directly on the device’s body. The temperature is regulated within 30-50 degrees, and its indicator is displayed on the surface of the tap.


Type:Water faucet
Brand:Xiaomi Xiaoda
Rated voltage:220V
Rated power:3000W
Rated frequency:50Hz
Waterproof rating:IPX4


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