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Xiaomi Mi Body Scale 2

20.00 $

Accurate enough to detect you drinking a glass of water

  • High-precision pressure sensors
  • Dual mode for people and objects
  • Real-time measurement of ideal weight
  • Hidden LED screen
  • Body balance assessment
  • Automatically identify members
  • Up to 16 members
  • Model: XMTZC04HM

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2


Product Dimensions 280 × 280 × 22mm

Product Name Mi Smart Scale 2

Weighing units kg/Jin/lb

Case materials Reinforced glass + ABS engineering plastic

Functional temperature 0℃ – 40℃

Device requirements Runs on devices that use Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or above (iPhone 5s or above) and support Bluetooth 4.0 or above

Product net weight1.2kg

Measurement range 100g-150kg

Minimum scale increment 50 g

Wireless Connection Bluetooth V 5

Power supply 3 1.5V no. 7 (AAA) batteries



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