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Xiaomi Massage Gun

90.00 $

  • Smart power control
  • 3 speed modes
  • 3 replaceable heads
  • Ultra quiet ? 45dB
  • 5 hours of battery

Xiaomi Massage Gun

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Finally, Xiaomi launches its new massage gun on the international market.?How can a good massage gun help us??To relieve stiffness and muscle tension caused by a sedentary lifestyle or physical activity, to relieve muscle pain after exercise, to revitalize muscle groups, for efficient warm-up, improving sports performance and for deep relaxation of the fascias relieving the contractions of the soft tissues.

A good massage gun

What makes a good massage gun??The amplitude, 10mm of deep tissue massage, the 3200rpm frequency for fast relief and the 570nN force for efficient relaxation.?Xiaomi’s gun provides high performance in the above three aspects, which are the key to help relieve muscle soreness that occurs after training, and together with intelligent power control, it offers stable deep tissue massage.

Professional and quiet motor

The motor of the Xiaomi Massage Gun has a high-speed and high-torque brushless motor that can generate a maximum force of up to 570 nN and a frequency of up to 3200 rpm, which makes it reach muscle tissue up to 10 mm deep. , to quickly relax muscle tension and deep fascia.

Intelligent power control makes the gun provide constant and stable output.?The power remains stable even under strong external pressure, accurately detecting the applied pressure 25 times per second.?It also provides real-time feedback with the pressure indicator, so you can always be sure that each vibration is perfect and precise for your body.

Light and balanced design

The Chinese giant implements a balanced design that ensures stability during operation, keeping the vibration amplitude of the body less than 1 mm.?In addition, the shock-absorbing soft rubber handle provides a comfortable grip and prevents hand discomfort.

The massage gun only weighs 870 grams and 47mm in size for easy and comfortable use.?It comes with an easy-to-carry case so it’s always with you on all your travels.

One charge, One month

Thanks to its lossless transmission design, it allows a battery life of 5 hours on a single charge, which translates into 30 times of use at the first level of intensity.?It will be your best companion for your daily sports routine.

The Type C charging port is compatible with charging cables for laptops, mobile phones and tablets, allowing flexible charging with just one cable for various electronic products.



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