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Samsung AKG Type-C Earphones

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Samsung AKG Type-C Earphones
Get the in-studio audio experience wherever
you listen
Enjoy undistorted. studio-quality audio. The Samsung AKG Type-C earphones are constructed to truly separate left and right signals up to 10 times better than 3.5mm headphones. And the built-in DAC enhances the quality of what you listen to, so your playlist comes to life as the artist intended.
Balanced sound that’s music to your ears
Made with 2-way speakers, the Samsung AKG Type-C earphones offer rich audio that comes through clear and balanced. The technology is tuned by AKG, so you get pro-grade sound quality.
Designed for easy, comfortable listening
Crafted with lightweight materials, each earbud is designed to sit comfortably in your ears so you can tune out the world with your music – just choose from the included eartip options to get the right fit. And the fabric cable prevents the headphones from getting tangled up in your bag or pocket.
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AKG Type-C Earphones
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