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Redmi Watch 3

80.00 $

    • 1.75? AMOLED display
    • 60Hz high refresh rate
    • Bluetooth call
    • 12 days long battery life
    • 5ATM water resistance
    • 37g light body
    • Built-in multi-system GNSS
    • 200+ theme dials
    • 100+ sports modes
    • Oxygen detection


Redmi Watch 3


Large 1.75-inch ultra-clear screen?See clearly in bright light! 1.75? AMOLED screen with a 70% screen-to-body ratio, allowing information such as message alerts and sports data to be seen in one screen. With a peak brightness of 600nit, you can easily read messages even in bright light.

Bigger screen, more space?With a larger screen comes more space for apps on the watch. The interface and app layout are more flexible and easier to use.

60Hz high refresh rate?Retina-level display accuracy?Fine and smooth display?The screen quality has been significantly upgraded with a 390 x 450 ultra-high definition resolution. With a high refresh rate of 60Hz and 341 PPi, the screen feels smooth and silky, and the picture quality is fine and clear.

200+ fashion dials?With over 200 personalised dials built into the app, you can change your style from sports to minimalist, tech to mechanical? and more. There are also a variety of rest screen dials, so you don?t have to lift your wrist to show off your excitement at all times.

37g Lightweight design?All-day wear and comfort Continuing the Redmi Watch?s lightweight The Redmi Watch is 37g lighter on the wrist comfort. The metallic centre frame makes it easy to lift. The Redmi Watch is a lightweight watch.

Bluetooth voice calls?When your phone calls, you can answer with one click on your watch. When you are at work or at work, you can lift your wrist to answer quickly, so you don?t miss every important sound

Independent satellite positioning chip?Accurate recording of every step of the way Built-in independent high-end GNSS chip for fast and accurate positioning. Supports 5 major global satellite positioning systems* for accurate positioning, so every step of the way can be tracked.

121 exercise patterns*?Supports 121 sports modes including outdoor running, cycling, hiking and swimming in the pool Accurate monitoring of heart rate, calorie consumption and exercise duration, making exercise more scientific and efficient.

5ATM waterproof rating, can be worn while swimming or surfing Water resistance is excellent

Blood Oxygen Test*?Keeping an eye on your health With an optical sensor for blood oxygen, it detects blood oxygen saturation when you need it You can see your own blood oxygen level at any time.

24-hour heart rate monitoring?Always know when your heart is beating faster A fully upgraded heart rate algorithm that captures more keenly signals and continuously and accurately tracks your heart rate changes. all day long to keep your heart rate healthy.

Scientific monitoring of sleep conditions?Give you more ?depth? in your sleep

Through scientific and rigorous sleep monitoring technology, different stages of sleep such as deep sleep, light sleep and REM rapid eye movement are recorded in real time to help improve sleep habits and thus achieve a ?deeper? quality of sleep.


Black, Ivory

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