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Powerology Wi-Fi Baby Camera with Night Vision and Full HD Display

60.00 $

Monitor your child in real time?

Motion detection sensor picks up on movements nearby and alerts you through the App. Also equipped with Cry Detection sensor. Two-way talk allows for seamless interactions. Hear your child speak as well as being able to reply back.

  • Sound And Cry Detection
  • Monitor In Real-Time
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 100 Wide Angle
  • Full HD /1080P
  • Night Vision
  • Night Light

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Powerology Wi-Fi Baby Camera with Night Vision and Full HD Display

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Having a baby monitor camera is having a moment. Whether you want to peek at your sleeping baby from your phone while you?re out to dinner or simply keep an eye on him/her when you are in another room. With Powerology WiFi baby camera is now easier to have eyes on your little one 24/7.

In fact, our baby monitor enables you to check on your baby without presenting in the bedroom and risking waking your baby up. You can walk around your house or even outside with no hesitation. Because the Powerology baby camera will instantly notify you if your child makes a sound or is unwell.

Night Vision Benefit

The Powerology Wi-Fi baby monitor camera has a fantastic night vision feature. For that reason, even in the dark, you can keep an eye on your baby.Usually, the night light provided by the baby camera in your child?s room will be more than enough for the night vision feature to give you a crystal clear picture of your baby. This privilege always ensures you seaby clearly, day or night without annoying red lights.

Crying Detection Feature

This brilliant feature is very useful and convenient. In particular, it allows you to hear your baby with crystal-clear audio, and real-time crying and motion notifications. Hence, you will know when your baby needs you.

Room Temperature Sensor

The Powerology Wi-Fi baby monitor camera is also equipped with a temperature sensor. This amazing feature allows you to easily monitor the room?s temperature and be able to set it at the perfect temperature. As a result, it lets you create a comfortable environment for your baby.

Full HD /1080P Resolution

With a 1080p HD resolution, you can have the best quality image of your baby. The Powerology baby monitor camera offers one of the sharpest pictures and footage. Also, the video resolution can be adjusted as desired.


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 / 15f/li>
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Night-Vision: Up To 5m
  • Memory: Micro SD Up To 32GB (not included)
  • Power Rating: 5V/1A


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