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Philips Massage Gun PPM3202G

155.00 $

  • 3 hours run time
  • 12mm deep muscle impact
  • 10kg power output
  • 6 full size massage heads
  • Including Titanium and PU rubber
  • 750 grams only

Philips Mini Massage Gun PPM3202G

Multi-angle grip, easy to hold

The multi-angle grip is ergonomically designed to conveniently support various massaging positions to achieve the best massage effect.

Up to 10kg massage pressure output

Specially tuned and powerful DC brushless motor, the SuperDynamic all-metal super power system ensures that the massage gun can reach the maximum thrust of 10kg. It enhances the effect of daily relaxing massage.

Up to 12mm amplitude, deep into the fascial layer

New structure design, the compact body release deep thrust, and the power goes directly to the tissue layer. With 12mm high amplitude and various professional grade massage heads, this massage gun is ideal for deep tissue treatment.

Intelligent strength feedback display for protective massage

Intelligent force feedback display is for intuitive and precise control of massage force to enhance the warm-up and recovery effect. Meanwhile it helps to avoid excessive pressure and protect muscle groups.

6 different massage heads, meet your need for various parts

Each massage head is carefully designed taking into account the needs of the various body parts, based on the principles of physiotherapy.

Deliver strong penetrating waves while avoid skin allergies

The professional titanium head is popular with physiotherapists. The metal massage head with higher hardness enables the massage gun to reach deep into the muscles, target the deep to tissue layers that ordinary massage heads cannot reach and completely soothe muscle groups. Titanium is the most friendly metal to the body and does not cause discomfort to people with skin allergies.

Enhance the massage amplitude and comfort level

The high elasticity of the rubber complements the vibration frequency of the massage gun, optimizing muscle tissue penetration for the best possible massage effect. The soft rubber surface is easy to clean supporting bacteria and harmful substances removal after long-term use. Protecting the skin’s health.

High intensity plastic hardshell case for full protection.

The small and portable case features a high-strength plastic shell with anti-drop and anti-crush properties for providing full protection for the machine.

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