Mi Robot Vacuum Brush

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Mi Robot Vacuum Brush
High performance Main brush
Deposit of cleanliness in the HouseE
The Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner main brush has V shape and whole design, and the rotation speed reaches 1350 rpm. From this it follows that two air streams move the trash to the center, from where the most powerful air flow sucks it into the dust collector. Thus, maximum cleaning results are achieved and your home will always be filled with purity.
Rotating main brush design
Perfect fit to the floor
Each house has hard-to-reach places where dust and dirt are easily collected: slits in floor tile and parquet or carpet edging. The floating surface of the main brush adapts to each bend of the floor, providing an ideal fit. Thus, the ideal cleanliness is provided even in the most inaccessible places, and there is no risk of damage to the surface of the floor.
Soft Materials
Exclude damage to floor surface
The construction body is made of thermoplastic material of European companies Bayer and abs with the help of secondary injection molding, and the lint brushes consist of wear-resistant nylon. Due to the softness of the structure, the possibility of damage to the floor surface is excluded and a lot of noise is not created. The shaft and bearing are made of durable metal materials. In addition, on the surface of the bearing is a special anti-slip pattern, which turns the dismantling and cleaning into an extremely simple and convenient task.
All Floor in hair and threads?
Now it is no longer a problem
Xiaomi paid great attention to such a problem as stuck hair in the brush-because everyone hates to clean them from the vacuum cleaner after cleaning. It’s good that now at hand there is a good assistant-bird brush cleaner (dosl. Cleaning Brush “bird”). According to the structure, it really resembles a bird, but it does not interfere with its effective cutting of the falling hair, so when cleaning the vacuum cleaner, you no longer need need need need
Side brush for Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1C
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