Lydsto H3 Handy Car vacuum cleaner

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Two levels of vacuuming
Strong suction power
Disposable dust bag
Brushless Motor
Small and convenient
Large capacity lithium battery

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Lydsto H3 Handy Car vacuum cleaner
Lydsto Multiple Functions Handheld Vacuum Cleaner H3 Home Appliance Clean For Car and Home/Sofa/Keyboard
One machine with multiple functions | Wireless handheld | Strong suction power | Small and convenient
Have you also encountered the problem of taking out the garbage with a vacuum cleaner?
The inner wall of the dust cup is not easy to clean
Dust cup dumps trash and dust is flying
16000Pa greater suction
The maximum suction power is 16000Pa. In the powerful mode , it can quickly absorb dust, residue, pet hair, etc. It is recognized that high suction power is the most effective way to remove mites. With a wide suction nozzle, it can deeply clean allergens such as stubborn stains, large garbage debris, and hidden dust mites.
120W high power brushless motor
Cancel the brush device on the traditional motor, longer life and MCU digital control, higher speed.
Equipped with brand-new “hot wheel” blades, the suction is stronger.
The maximum rotation speed can reach 80,000 revolutions, which can easily absorb impurities and garbage.
Lydsto R1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and mop with Self Empty (White)
eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid
Lydsto R1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and mop with Self Empty



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