HUAWEI Scale 3

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HUAWEI Scale 3
10+ Body Indicators | HUAWEI TruFit | Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connections
Know Yourself in More Detail
With HUAWEI Scale 3, you can get comprehensive understanding of your physical conditions with the 11 body indicators. With more details shown, more changes are possible.
Losing Weight is Different from Getting Slim
Under the same weight, fat is about 3 times the size of muscle. That’s why people with a higher body fat rate look bigger. Meanwhile, low skeletal muscle rate makes it difficult to lose weight as well. Keep track of your body fat rate and receive skeletal muscle assessments with the HUAWEI Scale 3. Losing weight can be professional too.
Scientific Guidance for Accurate Results
With HUAWEI TruFit™, a body composition model co-developed by Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huawei, every measurement is scientifically guided. Big data and AI technology are able to bring you accurate information for a healthier body and lifestyle.
Detailed Body Composition Analysis
Leveraging Huawei Health app, a detailed body composition analysis will be generated for your convenience. Based on the scientific analysis, the app also provides you guidance to help you gain better results.
Track Your Workout Journey
HUAWEI Scale 3 helps you track every step towards fitness. The refreshed record keeps you updated about your workout effect. You can adjust your workout mode and Customize fat-burning plan accordingly.
Dual Connections Make it Much Easier
Connect HUAWEI Scale 3 with both Wi-Fi4 and Bluetooth to experience more convenience. Once connected with Wi-Fi, you can step on the scale without opening the app. Based on historical data, it can intelligently identify family members. All the record will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and sent to related accounts, so you can view it on your phone whenever and wherever you want.
Huawei Quality Always Puts You First
HUAWEI Scale 3 is strictly tested throughout the whole production process, only to bring you a safer, reliable and superior user experience.
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