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Huawei FreeBuds 5

130.00 $

  • Seamless Curves for Optimal Fit | Ultra Magnetic Driver with Punchy Bass, Ahead of the?Curve Aesthetics
    • Open-fit ANC 3.0, AI Call Noise Cancellation
    • Ultra Wide Frequency Adaptive EQ
    • Bass Turbo Technology
    • HWA and Hi-Res Certified
    • Up to 30 hours of listening
    • IP54 dust- and splash-resistance
    • Seamless Dual-Device?Connections
    • Wireless Charging Case
    • Touch control

Huawei FreeBuds 5

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Beauty is not defined

The innovative full curved and streamlined design annotates the fashionable technological aesthetic. The combination of soft curves and shiny curved surfaces flows into the ear like a graceful melody, vividly blending form and meaning, and radiating a new aesthetic ?sound?.

Comfortable to wear

After tens of thousands of ergonomic simulation tests, the headphones can fit the ear contour better; Semi-in-ear ventilation suit for improved breathability
And breathability

Open and close elegantly

The rounded and compact charging case combines a premium matte texture with a delicate and comfortable touch. The headphones are displayed like jewelry in a box, easy to access, and full of ritual between opening and closing.

Sound quality level, better

Surging hearing, people moving

Double magnetic circuit architecture
Super magnetic induction, low frequency sensitivity increased by 30% compared to the previous generation, low frequency dive to 16Hz, soft and low, soaring and powerful.

Ultra-wide band real-time hearing optimization Good voice, always beautiful

Ultra-wide band real-time hearing optimization blessing, can optimize real-time sound effect for 100Hz-2kHz frequency range, with wider high-frequency coverage, improve hearing difference caused by ear canal shape, wearing condition and volume, and create delicate and consistent sound.

High-definition audio double authentication Original sound, playing in my ears

Support L2HC and LDACmm HD audio dual decoding, transmission rate up to 990kbps, support lossless transmission of 96kHz/24bit audio, restore rich sound details.

live on stage

Huawei?s first semi-in-ear headphones supporting Audio Vivid Spatial Audio 9 can listen to Audio Vivid content and output the three-dimensional spatial sound field in real time with select HarmonyOs 3 devices. Supports three spatial audio sound modes of the sound theater, cinema and concert hall to create an immersive listening experience.

Don?t listen to the hustle, enjoy the beauty

Half-ear comfort noise reduction 3.0 Comfortable noise reduction, quiet listening

Three-microphone hybrid noise reduction, with the ear canal adaptive algorithm, can adapt to a superior noise reduction pattern depending on ear shape and headset wearing; Intelligent dynamic noise reduction, can quickly identify environmental noise, intelligent noise reduction mode adjustment, quiet just right, noise reduction is better.

Al Call Noise Reduction Speak easily and hear clearly

Three-microphone hybrid noise reduction Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithm greatly reduces ambient noise and accurately picks up voices from local calls, making your voice clear and loud. Be in the hustle and bustle and speak clearly.

Performance, great

* Super fast charging, long battery life, super fast charging, the earphones back to the box will charge for 5 minutes, you can play music for 2 hours. The headset lasts 5 hours on a single full charge and 30 hours in total with the charging case.

* Precise control, one key away, support gesture touch, swipe or double-click in the touch sensing area to quickly adjust the volume or answer the phone, convenient for control.

In the sweat and rain, enjoy it

IP54 rated dust-proof and splash-proof, sweat and rain resistant.
Easy to wear, always let the beautiful music accompany.

HarmonyOS 3 smart audio experience

Multi-device connection
The headset can be smoothly connected to multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and can be connected to two devices at the same time so that there is no re-pairing when switching. Support audio streaming between multiple HarmonvOS devices for?easy?switching. When the headset is connected to the PC to join the meeting, the mobile phone suddenly calls, double-click the headset to quickly answer.

Audio sharing.

* Support secondary Huawel headset to connect with Huawei mobile phone or tablet at the same time, listen to songs, follow dramas with friends and share happy moments.

* Smart Broadcast, Wear Headset, Flight, Scheduled Weather. Health and other mobile phone news will be released in time. don?t miss important information, and let the headset become your right assistant in life and work.

Smart games Low latency

* Turn on the smart Games low latency mode, and the sound and image are synchronized, helping you attack quickly and enjoy a more enjoyable gaming experience.

* Huawei Smart Life App: Download Huawei Smart Life App for more exciting and interesting features.



Brand : Huawei
Type : Wireless Headphones
Model Number : T0013
Color : Ceramic White
Dimensions : Earbuds-Length: 32.4 mm ? 0.5 mm, Width: 17.6 mm ? 0.5 mm, Thickness: 22.8 mm ? 0.5 mm, Weight: 5.4 g ? 0.3 g | Charging case ? Length: 66.6 mm ? 0.5 mm, Width: 50.1 mm ? 0.5 mm, Thickness: 27.3 mm ? 0.5 mm, Weight: 45 g ? 1 g.
Speaker : 11 mm dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit
Frequency response range : 16 Hz to 40 kHz
Battery capacity : 42 mAh for the earbuds (minimum value for a single earbud) and 505 mAh for the charging case (minimum value)
Charging mode : Wired charging for the charging case: USB Type-C, The che supports wireless charging.
Charging duration : Charging the earbuds with the charging case: 20 minutes | Charging the empty charging case with a cable: 40 minutes | Charging the empty charging case wirelessly: 240 minutes
Battery life : Music playback with the earbuds only (noise cancellation off): 5 hours | Music playback with the earbuds only (noise cancellation on): 3.5 hours | Music playback with multiple charges in the case (noise cancellation off): 30 hours | Music playback with multiple charges in the case (noise cancellation on): 20 hours.
Sensor : Accelerometer/Infrared sensor/Hall sensor/Touch sensor
Audio Technology : Dynamic EQ/ANC/Call noise cancellation
Bluetooth : Bluetooth 5.2
Proximity Pairing Prompt : Supported
Wear Detection : Supported
Dual-connection : Supported
Device Control : Press and hold | Swipe up or down | Double-tap
IP rating : Earbuds: IP54 dust- and splash-resistance | Charging case: not water-resistant
Box Contents : HUAWEI FreeBuds 5, USB Type-C charging cable, Ear tip 1 set

Ceramic White, Frost Silver

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