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Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch, Silver

30.00 $

  • 1.38 inch color large display
  • Metallic circular bezel
  • Comprehensive health functions
  • Up to 20 days of battery life
  • 100+ watch faces customization
  • IP68 Waterproof and Dust-proof
  • Female physical health
  • 100 Workout Modes
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring

Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch

1.38 inch large color screen, amazing visual experience.

Metallic circular bezel, classic design and fine texture.?Touch control and physical button, simple and easy operation.

Stylish watch faces, brand new style anytime.

The watch comes with more than 100 online watch faces.?You can also customize the watch face with your favorite photo and set your own style.

100 workout modes, effective and unrestricted workouts.

The watch supports 100 workout modes for even more choices.?The upgraded high-precision motion sensor can accurately record your workout data.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof, improved water resistance.

Support IP68 waterproof.?You can wash your hands without taking off your watch.?Just enjoy your workouts with its improved water resistance.

Scientific sleep monitoring, quality sleep for quality life.

The watch automatically records sleep duration, sleep depth, REM, etc., helping you learn more about what?s going on while you sleep to better develop healthier sleeping habits.

Blood oxygen test, stay energetic at all times.

Still worryint your blood oxygen status??Solar Lite can dynamically track your blood oxygen status, even at night, providing a better picture of your physical condition.

24-hour heart rate monitoring, timely alerts for peace of mind.

It accurately monitors you even during high intensity workouts with an optimized hardware optical path and algorithm.?It will vibrate when detecting high heart rate with heart rate alerts.

All-day stress detection and breathing training.

All-day stress detection helps you better balance work and study.?When stress is high, use breathing training to help you relax your body and mind in time and restore your energy.

Management of the female menstrual cycle, companionship in special moments.

Get predictions and reminders for upcoming fertile and menstrual periods.?Live elegantly and carefree.

20-day battery life, power that goes the distance?.

It can last more than a week when fully cd.?The basic mode of use can reach up to 20 days, so you don?t have to be bothered by frequent charging.

Incoming call reminder, life assistant taking care of you.

Calls, WeChat and various APP information can be synchronized with the watch in real time after connecting to the phone via Bluetooth.?Get reminders for every important moment.

Product Parameters

Product name Haylou Solar Lite

Dimensions 46x46x9.9mm

Resolution 240x240px

Bluetooth connection Bluetooth v5.3

Battery capacity 240mAh

Input parameters 5V 500mA

Dust-proof and waterproof rating IP68

Working temperature -10?C~60?C

Synchronized data platform Haylou Fun

Device requirements Android 6.0+ / iOS 9

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