Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Aramid Cover Black

55.00 $

Provide optimum fit/grip with Slim & Light material
Strong and durable as steel
Ultra slim as paper,
Maintain the slip after attach the case with 0.6mm

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Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Aramid Cover Black
Slim-line safeguarding
The Aramid Cover protects without being a bulky addition to your phone. It is designed with a slim form factor, keeping the sleek design of your phone intact.
Designed for durability
The Aramid material is durable — even against scratches — so it stays safe in your pocket or purse with ease. Protect your phone’s corners and exterior to keep it safe from damage.
Helps your hands hold on
Add protection while maintaining Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s shape and the pocketable compact size. The thin material wraps around your phone and while enhancing the grip so your hands stay comfortable.
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