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Galaxy S22 Ultra S-Pen Replacement

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Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Replacement

Precise like your favorite pen

Take advantage of the expansive screen on Galaxy S22 Ultra. S Pen features a slim 0.7mm pen tip with 4,096 pressure levels to write and sketch as naturally and accurately as putting pen to paper.

Click and swish for control

S Pen becomes a remote control for your apps thanks to built-in Bluetooth capacity. Take pictures, switch between cameras, pause or turn up your playlist and so much more ? all with a quick gesture or a click of the S Pen button on the side.

Easy access to S Pen action

Pull up the Air Command menu with a click of the S Pen button. Simply hover S Pen over the screen and click the button on the side to pull up features like Smart Select, Screen Write, Live Messages and more.

Smartphone compatibility:?Galaxy S22 Ultra


Black, Burgundy, White

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