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Deerma VC55 Dual Axis Roller Brush Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Deerma VC55 Dual Axis Roller Brush Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 13000Pa Powerful Suction

  • Suction power of up to 13,000Pa
  • 2 rollers and 2 independent motors
  • 3-stage filtration
  • Rotate freely through 360?
  • Weight of about 1kg
  • 2500mAh Battery up to 20 minutes

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Deerma VC55 Dual Axis Roller Brush Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma VC55 is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner that can handle even stubborn dirt with its suction power of up to 13,000Pa and unique brush design. It is equipped with 2 rollers and 2 independent motors, which makes it eliminate dust quickly and effectively. Its clever design ensures freedom of movement and makes it easy to clean the floors under furniture, and its light weight means you can easily pick it up to vacuum curtains, for example.


What makes the VC55 up to twice as effective as a conventional vacuum cleaner? Its brush is equipped with 2 velvet rollers and 2 motors that make them spin up to 2400 times per minute. In addition, the front roller rotates backward and the rear roller rotates forwards to eliminate dirt even more thoroughly. All this ensures that the vacuum quickly and reliably deals with dust, crumbs, hair, dander, and other debris.


You will see that vacuuming does not have to be time-consuming or tiring. The VC55 has a powerful brushless motor for stable, efficient operation and 13,000Pa suction power. The device also has a 3-stage filtration. This not only effectively eliminates dust and other debris, but also prevents secondary contamination.


The VC55 brush has been designed to rotate freely through 360?. This makes maneuvering the device much easier. Moreover, you can even lay the vacuum cleaner tube flat. All this allows you to comfortably vacuum between chair legs, under furniture, against walls, and in corners. What?s more, its weight of about 1kg (only the main unit) and cordless design makes it easy to carry or pick up to get rid of dust from curtains or cobwebs from the ceiling.


Make cleaning those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies easier. The set includes an additional 2in1 brush with 2 brush heads for different applications. The flat crevice nozzle is ideal for cleaning narrow spaces and recesses in sofas and armchairsg other things. The brush attachment is perfect for cleaning sofas, curtains and other fabric surfaces.


With the VC55 you can vacuum the rooms of your home thoroughly without having to stop to charge it. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a long-lasting battery with a capacity of 2500mAh. Thanks to this, fully charged it can work for up to 20 minutes. The device has a built-in USB-C port, which allows you to conveniently charge it using the included cable.


The special wall holder allows you to conveniently store the vacuum cleaner and accessories such as the 2-in-1 brush. That way, the VC55 won?t take up much space and saves space. It also has a special indicator light that lets you know its status at a glance. In addition, the filter element can be washed under running water and reused after drying ? thus extending its life. This means you don?t have to buy new parts too often!



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Specification Braerm;

Name: Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Model: DEM-VC55

Suction power: Up to 13,000Pa

Rated Voltage: 14.4V

Rated power:130W

Charging current: 2A

Charging voltage: 5V

Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Dust tank capacity: 0.3l

Weight: 2.2kg

Charging time: About 5h

Dimensions: 235x158x1140mm

Sound level: ?78dB(A)

Operating time: Up to 20 minutes (Standard mode) / up to 10 minutes (High-Speed mode)

Material: ABS / PC