DEERMA Air Humidifier DEM-F600

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DEERMA DEM – F600 Household Humidifier Air Purifying Mist Maker
Modern design, suitable for any space
The Deerma DEM F600 humidifier features a quite luxurious and sophisticated design combined with elegant white tone as the mainstay, easily arranged for any space ranging from office to home; from the bedroom, the living room to the office. The arc-shaped nebulizer not only offers a softer beauty, helps the moisture be transferred to the outside and smoothly, for a more comprehensive humidifying experience.
Ability to kill bacteria up to 99.9%
Is equipped with an activated carbon filter to absorb harmful impurities, purify the air, to bring a fresh air, good for the respiratory system. This filter can also be disassembled to wash with water and reused many times.
With stable bottom, it can be conveniently placed on flat ground for using.
It can humidify the air-conditioned room effectively.
It can accurately detect indoor temperature, and the temperature can be clearly displayed.
With timing function, you can adjust the humidifying time easily.
Three adjustable gears of fog quantity are designed for meeting different needs.
With supercharging turbine design, the wind can be sent out easily.
With large capacity water tank, more practical for daily use.
Low noise design can provide you a comfortable using environment.
If there is no water in the water tank, it will automatically cut off the electricity.
Easy to operate with simple buttons.
Capacity: 5l
Material: ABS
Rated power: 25W
Working voltage: 220V 50Hz
Noise: 36dB and less
Quantity of the fog: 340ml/h
Applicable area: 25 – 30 square meters
Use Instructions
Lift the tank and unscrew the lid of the tank.
Put the tank upside down and turn on the knob.
Fill the tank with water.
Turn the knob back and put the tank in place.
Adjust the quantity of fog and start using.
Make sure to filled the tank with water before using.
Do not touch any part of the product with wet hands.
Please place the humidifier on the flat floor or other flat platforms.
The rated voltage of the machine is 220V, if your countries are other voltages, you should self-provided a converter transformer before using, otherwise, the machine will not work
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