Coteci PS5 Multifunctional Host Base

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Coteci PS5 Multifunctional Host Base
It can charge 2 PS5 controllers at the same time, and it only takes 4 hours to fully charge two PS controllers that are almost exhausted at the same time.
The base is equipped with 4 Type-c connectors, plug the adapter into the charging port of the handle, and then put it on the two charging card slots on the base for charging, charging, convenient and practical, plug the Type-c adapter into the PS5 handle on.
No need to plug and unplug frequently, protect the PS5 handle electrical interface; effectively extend the handle life.
The LED indicator indicates the charging status of the handle at a glance. When the base is powered on, the positive LOGO lights up in white, and the handle LOGO on both sides lights up in blue.
Package Includes:
1 Pcs Charging Station.
Product material: ABS
Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 0A-1.5A
Handle charging time: 4 hours
Package Contents
1 x Host base
1 x type-c adapter
1 x hook
1 x screw
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