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    • 1. There is no need to change the pipeline, and through easy assembly, the ordinary faucet can be upgraded to an instant hot water faucet, which is ready to use and easy to use
    • 2. Using stainless steel heating tube heating method, not easy to rust and scale, long service life
    • 3. Just gently rotate the handle of the body, you can precisely control the water flow heating and cooling switch, and the hot and cold water can be switched freely
    • 4. 30-50 degrees Celsius water temperature can be adjusted, with the body LED temperature display, more convenient to use
    • 5. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no patina, durable
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  • HUOHOU Electric Grinder 5 Gears Black White Pepper Coarse Salt Pepper Ground Into Powder Seasoning Kitchen Tools Home Restaurant

    • Ceramic grinding core
    • 5th gear adjustment
    • One click Start
    • Powder 40g at a time
    • 6000 cycles
    • Fearless of high temperature
    • Strong fall resistance
    • Low noise 68dB
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    • One pot and two pots, no smell
    • 9 gears to adjust the taste
    • 24-hour smart reservation
    • APP smart recipes
    • Cloud recipes for one-key cooking
    • Manual exhaust button, not easy to burn
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  • The portable juicer blender has diamond-sharp blades and unbreakable glass. This juicer blender is reliable and safe. Make high-nutrient juice with our best-seller portable juicer blender.

    • 6 Stainless Steel Blades
    • Built-in Battery
    • Unbreakable Glass Container
    • Portable and Lightweight
    • 2500mAh x2 Battery
    • Up to 15 Drinks Per Charge
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  • Zolele ZL100 Automatic Folding Water Pump Compatible With Various Type Of Barrels 1200mAh Battery USB Charging

    • One click automatic water intake
    • Easy to use, Easy to get water
    • USB Charging, Charge anywhere
    • 1200mAh Long battery life
    • Compatible with various type of barrels
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  • Xiaomi Smart Blender, Mixing, juicing, hot and cold dual-mode blending and crushing ice for the whole family.

    Make up to 1200mL of hot or 1600mL of cold drinks at one time

    • 9 variable speed blending
    • 8 Blade Multi-Angle Chopping
    • 8 Stainless Steel Blades
    • Hot and Cold Dual-mode Blending
    • 9 Adjustable Speed Settings
    • Up to 4-Hour Insulation Under Keep Warm Mode
    • OLED Knob Control
    • Smart Online Recipes
    • Smart control with the App
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  • Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot

    Over 200 built-in chef recipes to make delicious food with ease

    You can easily cook delicious food from all over the world, offering a wide variety of dishes to satisfy the different tastes of the whole family.

    • Rated Power 1700W
    • Curved base stainless steel main pot, 3D induction heating technology
    • Cooking loT smart kitchen algorithm
    • 3-layer composite structure
    • 3D induction heating technology
    • 35 functions in 1 machine
    • 8 inch touch screen
    • Switched reluctance motor
    • 3 dishes and 1 soup at once
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  • It is always nice to have a convenient thermos on hand to please yourself with a hot drink in the cold weather. Electric thermos Deerma DEM-DR035 with kettle function will perfectly cope with this role and will meet your needs. Deerma DEM-DR035 is a 300W 350ml thermos kettle that can quickly boil water in minutes. The thermos can maintain a drink’s warmth for a long time. You can also regulate the heating temperature in the range from 40 ° C – 90 °C via a touch display. The thermos is equipped with a reliable leakage protection system – its lid of a food-grade silicone seal ensures tightness. That is a design that will not let the contents leak out.

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  • The well-being of a person directly depends on the quality of air.

    That is why it is important to maintain such a parameter as humidity at an optimal level.

    The humidity of 40-60% provides a comfortable staying in the room. This indicator is very hard to achieve without additional devices in summer, and in winter it is getting even harder.

    Deerma DEM-F301 humidifier helps to cope with this problem.

    The device can a room up to 15 square meters, spraying 250 ml of liquid per hour. The device has a compact size, which allows installing it anywhere without much difficulty.

    You can independently adjust the direction of the humidified air by rotating the outlet.

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  • This Switch Infinity Led Light Portable mini Fridge is quite small so you can fit it in your car, on your working desk, or at home next to your gaming console.

    The low-noise motor works quietly, the economical design consumes much less power than a traditional refrigerator, and the fridge cools 15-20 ° degrees below ambient room temperature.

    The mirror in the fridge door and LED light give this fridge a unique and stylish look.

    • 7 Adjustable Color
    • Fit up to 6 cans
    • 4 Liters capacity
    • Quiet and vibration free
    • with car charging adapter
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    • 1.7L Large Capacity
    • 1800W High Power
    • STRIX Thermostat
    • Anti-dry Protection
    • Stainless Steel
    • Double layer anti-scalding
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